Timmendorfer Strand, Germany


Bright deceleration

During operation the North German retailer famila changed its lighting system in the Timmendorfer Strand branch over to LED lighting. The luminaire type, luminaire colour and light colour temperature make the lighting concept complete and produce customized lighting in the individual departments. For the first time, the E-LINE NEXT LED was used that had just recently been launched in April 2019. 

Timmendorfer Strand, Germany




3500 m²


The new E-LINE NEXT LED masters the most varied ceiling requirements up to a height of five metres and serves the purpose of basic illumination for the dry foods, beverages, textiles, stationery or porcelain. The surface-mounted spotlight CANILO sets carefully dosed accents, while GRADO intensifies the illumination of the goods and, in the case of the display graphics, ensures an optimum long-distance effect in the Ostsee-Supermarkt (Baltic Supermarket). 

Orientation with atmosphere made easy: suspended luminaire LORETO with a diameter of 1 metre guides in the main aisle through the supermarket and harmonizes the ceiling, while surface-mounted spotlight CANILO emphasizes the gondola heads. A good example of customer guidance and deceleration, important aids for an increase in sales.

Proudly presenting the new E-Line Next LED (from the left):
Installer Hendrik Latendorf, Supermarket Manager David Karsten, Project Manager Matthias Holst and Oktalite Key Account Manager Andreas Kaesler.  

“Modernization during current operation is a challenge for everyone. Master electrician Matthias Holst, the company Bodo Wascher, and Oktalite optimally coordinated with each other and supplemented each other on site. We are enthusiastic about the economy of the E-LINE NEXT LED."

David Karsten, Deputy Supermarket Manager

Departments such as beauty, fruit and vegetables as well as wine were decoratively and emotionally upgraded by our suspended luminaires. The arrangements in groups of 3 in the respective area colours are custom-made designs. A special feature in the atmospheric premium segment of wine: the light colour temperature was reduced to 2700 Kelvin; the spotlight colour changes from silver to black.

Specialist departments for meat and cheese gain from our special light colours. The fresh food counters visible from far off have a magnetic effect. The two-row arrangement of the black recessed luminaires AGIRA PLUS is out of the ordinary. By means of LIVELINK the light colour and the brightness can be controlled individually here.

Recommended for the suspended ceilings with a height of 3.20 metres are efficient recessed luminaires such as SIELLA and AGIRA PLUS in silver in the checkout area and SISTEMA for the dairy products area.

3 questions to Project Manager and Master Electrician Matthias Holst, company of Bodo Wascher, Lübeck branch

1. What advantages does the installation of E-Line Next LED provide?
The new strip light is a lightweight compared to the old one. Through the greater length of the components we have a real time saving and lower expenditure on the installation. We no longer need to assemble every metre a complete strip light with mounting rails and accessories plus everything that also has to be wired. But we have parts up to a length of three metres that we suspend from the ropes at one go, connect up and then already have functioning. With this one-off connection we definitely achieve a time saving during the installation effort.

2. How did the installation process develop?
Economically: we were able to mount many parts in the shortest possible time and blocked important aisles only briefly. The disturbance of customers and employees was hence kept to a minimum.

3. Has installation expense been reduced? 
Yes, after the evaluation of our costs for the installation of the lighting system and compared to other lighting conversions earlier, it could be seen quite clearly that the expense has been reduced.

Products used


LORETO combines performance with large-area, visible light and in that way is ideally qualified for representative areas such as malls or entrance areas. Three different diameters, two different light colours and three pendant lengths leave a lot of leeway for supporting the architecture. At the same time, LORETO is, with its up to 10,000 lm a real power package.

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CANILO is characterised by classic, elegant design and provides a special element for supporting the customer’s CI: the lateral bracket can be adapted colour-wise to customise it. The set-back reflector with integrated anti-glare ring provides a high degree of visual comfort. At the same time the surface-mounted spotlight stands for high performance and efficiency.

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The relaunch perfects the proven GRADO by means of a smaller and lighter design. GRADO is characterized by the precise large-area wall illumination for graphics, displays or visuals and the systematic illumination of assortment-containing aisles and goods, e.g. on back walls. At the same time, the specially developed rectangular reflector supplies homogeneous or, thanks to a satin-finished pane of glass, also soft light distribution at the edges.

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With E-LINE NEXT LED, sustainable lighting in the retail trade becomes child’s play: the new generation of our proven strip lighting systems is HCL capable and provides complete solutions. Whether assortment aisle, check-out area or gondola head – E-LINE NEXT LED redefines, thanks to its modular equipment system with special optical systems and spotlights and a colour rendering index of CRI > 90, flexibility, light quality and modernization.

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The Siella LED with UGR19 has been specifically developed for illuminating computer screen workstations in accordance with current standards. This makes it possible to implement lighting concepts for highly different office areas with UGR 22 or UGR19 with just one product range. This not only simplifies planning and enables economic implementation but also creates a uniform ceiling appearance.

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