Akzenta Dortmund – Premium quality, both in terms of light and product range

Under the direction of REWE Dortmund, the Akzenta brand is expanding with premium stores between the Wupper and Ruhr rivers. The sophisticated lighting concept at the new location in Dortmund-Hörde underlines the high standards.

Dortmund-Hörde, Germany




2500 m²


The new supermarket is part of the Stiftsforum, a new building complex with residential, office and commercial space on Lake Phoenix. The product range and retail design reflect the high standards of the residents of the new district on the former site of a steelworks. The clients of REWE Dortmund developed a tailor-made lighting concept with the Essen-based lighting designer Ralph Kensmann and Oktalite: accentuating light in differentiated light colors presents space and goods as attractively as it does vividly.

Innovative: The special Efficient White light color illuminates the entire shelf surfaces. This spectrum displays colors precisely and richly - at the same time, white remains white. The overall result is a fresh lighting mood that matches the 1920s look of the store with its glass, stainless steel and marble elements.

Individual product groups with special requirements stand out: For example, fruit and vegetables as well as the bread and cheese counters, with the sunny, warm Brilliant Food light color. At fish and meat counters, a mix of the special Meat+Fish light color and standard LEDs with 3000 Kelvin is used, individually adjustable via DALI control.

The principle: by zoning the lighting according to product groups, with luminaire types used throughout as a common thread, a recognizable lighting atmosphere with a high quality of stay and experience is created. The lighting specifically directs the customer's gaze, subtly attracting attention and at the same time helping them to find their way around the store.

Power tracks also serve as the basis for the frozen goods, where they are fitted with Lightpanels in the cooler 4000 Kelvin light color to match the product range. Finally, the long-distance effect of the large, round Loretto pendant luminaires above the checkout area cleverly directs customers to the checkout.

In the "Fuchswinkel" market restaurant, which is also used for events such as wine tastings, lighting scenes can be called up or adapted to suit the situation thanks to Bluetooth LE-based LiveLink Retail. Agira Plus recessed spotlights and floodlights are used in the lighting concept, as are B-Veo directional spotlights on track.

Products used


As a high-performance recessed directional LED spotlight, AGIRA PLUS rounds off the portfolio – in that way concepts with different ceiling heights and area sizes can be easily implemented with one luminaire type. The spotlights can be turned through 355° and tilted in two directions through 30° in each case – which is ideal for targeted and flexible illumination of goods. AGIRA PLUS combines the advantages of a gimbal-mounted luminaire with those of a classic recessed spotlight. Optionally fitted with the ACTIVE LED module. This makes the precise adjustment of the light possible as regards intensity and colour temperature.

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With the addition of the suspended luminaire, the JUNO product family is a strong trio. The luminaire that received an award for the successful combination of design and directional lighting control supplies outstanding retail lighting in every design version. In addition, it can be used as an allrounder for the complete shop lighting: ambient lighting, assortment lighting, and aisle lighting with the TWIN variant, or accentuation of the counter and tables can also be achieved in a tailor-made manner with this luminaire. The hallmark of the JUNO, its visible and nevertheless dazzle-free light at the free-form lens, can be more directly experienced with the suspended luminaire.

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LORETO combines performance with large-area, visible light and in that way is ideally qualified for representative areas such as malls or entrance areas. Three different diameters, two different light colours and three pendant lengths leave a lot of leeway for supporting the architecture. At the same time, LORETO is, with its up to 10,000 lm a real power package.

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Small, fine and high-powered: the flexible accent spotlight for the entry-level segment convinces with its small spotlight head, simple design and tailor-made light with high lumen packages. Generates a calm ceiling pattern with an excellent lighting effect. Optionally fitted with the ACTIVE LED module. This makes the precise adjustment of the light possible as regards intensity and colour temperature.

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The 3-circuit power track system made of aluminium for flexible applications adapts to all retail areas – whether mounted horizontally or vertically, or as a suspended system. Thanks to various lengths of 1 to 3 metres, customised configurations can be easily put together.

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Optimum, individually adapted light with minimum effort – now achieved thanks to the intuitive and reliable control of all light points. The simply installed, intelligent LiveLink light management system developed by TRILUX together with the sensor manufacturer STEINEL enables the highly simple planning and operation of even complex lighting system controls. With LiveLink, TRILUX offers simple and intelligent access to the world of light control.

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