KALO PLUS in use

Ideal accentuated lighting on the 3-circuit power track for the fashion area. KALO PLUS can be turned through 355° and tilted through 110°, in that way it illuminates back walls reliably and in an exciting way at the same time. With up to 5000 lm, this spotlight really brings power onto the area. Thanks to LEDIQ it is naturally also suitable for customized, smart lighting management.  

KALO PLUS makes every fresh food paradise shine with a great long-distance and dramatic effect. The spotlight can be fitted with all six white light colours and all of our special light colours for best colour rendition of fish, for example, and according to our claim, it does credit to clear, authentic goods presentation and scenic quality light.

Good illumination and customer guidance are particularly important in stores with a high goods density. Here, everything depends particularly on the correct and widely varied accentuation of products and special areas. With five reflectors that can be replaced easily without tools, with KALO PLUS there are no limits to the sophisticated play of stable ambient lighting and well-dosed highlights. 

LiveLink Retail – The maximum freedom of smart light control

LIVELINK RETAIL brings a new freedom and flexibility to intelligent store lighting: the light management system based on Bluetooth technology makes your light future-proof with minimal effort, regardless of the status of the building technology.

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Lightquality – inspired by the sun

Lighting, as natural and atmospheric as the afternoon sun on a clear spring day, at the same time with intense and brilliant colour: this performance is our inspiration for the optimization of holistic lighting for retail.






Light-proof housing with partially external cooling fins 

Five interchangeable reflectors that can be changed without tools 

Turning through 355°, tilting through 180° 

Six white light colours and three special light colours for the fresh food area are there to choose from  

Smart lighting management optionally with control line or wireless

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