How far would you go for sustainability?

We bring "Innovations Made in Europe" to the world.

As a regionally-based family company with two national locations in Arnsberg and Cologne in Germany, we in the TRILUX Group assume responsibility for our employees, customers and society.

Environmental protection and the conservation of resources are also firmly anchored in our DNA. For us, this is a matter of course. The TRILUX Group is committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental protection. We want to consistently avoid environmental pollution. And we try to convince our suppliers and service providers to also act according to these principles.

We are continuously working to improve our carbon footprint. The German TRILUX and Oktalite production facilities will be climate-neutral as early as 2025.

How many parts does the future have?

We develop modular lighting tools for optimal maintenance and recycling.

As a member of the TRILUX Group, Oktalite focuses its research and development on constantly improving the quality of light for trade and retail. We optimise energy utilisation and luminous efficacy as well as the natural rendering of light colour. In addition to the quality of light and user-friendliness of our products, we also focus on the responsible use of resources.

TRILUX and Oktalite strive for a circular economy in their luminaire production. We make sure that the materials and additives used in production and for the products are recycled as much as possible.

In many cases, Oktalite spotlights are already designed so that they can be disassembled into their individual components and recycled. The recycling rate of individual spotlights is currently up to 81 percent.

Can that be dispensed with?

We reduce the amount of waste, e.g. through intelligent packaging concepts.

TRILUX Group solutions have always aimed at conserving resources. During the design and development of luminaires, Oktalite already focuses on sustainable packaging options. Recyclability is an important criterion in the selection of our packaging materials and design.

Good to know: we dispense with plastic in our packaging as a matter of principle. In addition, we reduce freight volumes with collective packaging, thus also reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the retail sector.

Our suppliers are fundamentally obliged to take back their packaging. They have also introduced a system themselves to avoid unnecessary packaging and to minimise material.

Does efficiency create success?

We create qualitative, energy-efficient lighting solutions for the retail market.

Today, lighting concepts have to consider quality and economy to equal degrees. It is a matter of continuously addressing the needs and diversity of trade and retail on the one hand, and the technical options of sustainable solutions on the other.

Oktalite's answer is SUN.LIGHT.QUALITY. – as efficient as never before. With our trade show motto "EFFICIENT.LIGHT.QUALITY." we underline this savings potential of our solutions while maintaining an identical quality of light.

By combining the qualities of colour and image with visual comfort, as well as energy efficiency and light efficiency with sustainability, TRILUX Group luminaires provide the perfect basis for efficient quality of light. And with our LiveLink Retail light management system, we create lighting solutions that score points from an economic point of view: 85 percent less energy and costs – that speaks for itself.



Oktalite Lichttechnik GmbH
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