Hebolario Navarro

Herbolario Navarro - sustainable lighting concept for the leading Spanish organic market chain

Healthy food, attractively presented: With the modular system, the E-Line Next continuous-row system from TRILUX, together with B.VEO spotlights from Oktalite, provides lighting that is as efficient as it is effective.

Over 50 locations, Spain




540 m²



Herbolario Navarro, one of the largest retail chains for organic products in Spain, has taken a significant step towards sustainability - with Oktalite and TRILUX as lighting partners. The more than 50 stores received a new lighting system based on the E-line Next continuous-row system with integrated emergency lighting and spotlights from Oktalite.

With over 250 years of history and a nationwide presence, Herbolario Navarro is considered a pioneer for ecological and healthy products in Spain. In 2023, the company once again significantly strengthened its commitment to sustainability, including by investing in modern LED lighting, switching to 100% green energy and installing solar panels in its logistics centers.

A concept that not only sets standards in terms of energy efficiency: The excellent lighting quality also ensures perfectly illuminated goods and a high-quality ambience.

The appliance racks with B.VEO TRACK spotlights are used for baked goods and in the fruit and vegetable department. Their good color rendering makes the range look particularly attractive and natural. The simple design of the spotlights as part of the E-Line Next blends seamlessly into the interior design. Another plus: the flexibility of the continuous-row system enables Herbolario Navarro to adapt the lighting quickly and easily to changing market trends.

The E-Line Next continuous-row system is characterized by its particularly simple installation. With the new concept, the combination of ambient and accent lighting, the planners were able to increase the lighting intensity and thus also the visibility of the products - and all this with significantly improved energy efficiency, which reduces both energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The project thus underlines the high standards of quality and sustainability of all project partners: an important step in further consolidating Herbolario Navarro's position as market leader in the field of ecological products in Spain.

Products used


With B.VEO TRACK the product family is complete. What is special about this single spotlight variant is its extremely narrow housing that visually almost fuses with the power track. In that way a very uncluttered pattern of the ceiling lighting is obtained. This becomes possible through the integration of the driver into the adapter.

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With E-LINE NEXT LED, sustainable lighting in the retail trade becomes child’s play: the new generation of our proven strip lighting systems is HCL capable and provides complete solutions. Whether assortment aisle, check-out area or gondola head – E-LINE NEXT LED redefines, thanks to its modular equipment system with special optical systems and spotlights and a colour rendering index of CRI > 90, flexibility, light quality and modernization.

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