EDEKA Markt Köpper

Niedernwöhren, Germany


Human Centric Lighting for employees and customers

Lighting concepts for sales floor areas that integrate Human Centric Lighting (HCL) are today still the exception. The supermarket EDEKA Markt Köpper in Niedernwöhren makes HCL an integral part of the lighting design.

Niedernwöhren, Germany




2100 m²


By HCL lighting designers understand lighting solutions with a light pattern similar to daylight that makes allowance for the biological effects of light. In the checkout and entrance areas, the light colour and the light intensity change daylight-synchronously.

On the sales floor, 4,000 kelvins create a fresh, cool atmosphere. Here, too, the intensity of the lighting changes on a daylight-synchronous basis. The light colour remains here continuously, however.

"For us it is important that both the customers and the employees in the supermarket feel good all round. HCL in that case seemed to us to be a meaningful extension of the lighting concept.“

Thomas Köpper, owner of supermarket EDEKA Markt Köpper 

Fruit and vegetables as well as the wine department were transformed by the lighting experts, with warm light of  2,700 kelvins and 4,000 lumens, into relaxing shopping areas.

In the checkout area, where the employees sit for many hours and are hence most exposed to artifical light, the light colour and light intensity changes synchronously with the daylight. This approximation to the human biorhythm is meant to increase the feeling of well-being of employees and customers alike.

Products used


The spotlight that sets new standards: B.LEE is not only flexible, but also extremely powerful and versatile. Whether restrained or front and centre: optimum cooling management defines the design, and the optional decorative rings, make B.LEE a special eyecatcher.

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QUIRA - the recessed spotlight with impressive features: powerful and extremely flexible, yet small and handy. QUIRA can be swivelled to accentuate merchandise while remaining flush with the ceiling. And when extended, QUIRA precisely illuminates all high-level decoration. Optionally fitted with the ACTIVE LED module. This makes the precise adjustment of the light possible as regards intensity and colour temperature.

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