Rewe Zeisehallen

Hamburg, Germany


Rewe Surdanovic oHG in the Zeisehallen – shopping & relaxing in retro design surroundings

Shopping in the historic halls of the ships' propeller foundry in Hamburg: a spectacular concept of architecture and lighting combines the memory of the old industrial culture with the idea of a lifestyle supermarket.

Hamburg, Germany




1400 m²


Store of the Year 2019: distinguished by the German Retail Federation as the winner in the category “Food”. The concept with experience-orientated food shopping convinced the jury of experts from trading companies and commercial institutions.

Shopping, culture and gastronomy over an area of 1300 square  metres at Friedensallee 9. This premium REWE with its transparence and the design elements of art nouveau and fin-de-siècle like the black fences as area separators in the Zeise look brings everyday shopping to a new level. Precise lighting direction  is extremely important in the square building with its dark floor and the shades of black. On the ground floor, the arrangement of the rows of twin-tube luminaires in industrial design - retrofitted by Oktalite with ultra-modern LED equipment - extends into the depths of the supermarket. At the fresh food counters, the best colour rendition counts.

View from the gallery down from the lounge level into the salesroom. The customer calmly enjoys a superb view of the supermarket. The history of the imposing production hall is illustrated by large-format photos. Our graphics spotlight GRADO shows you in the right light with the help of its homogeneous light distribution. LIGHTPANELS provide the ideal basic lighting of the assortment aisles.

The accentuated lighting of the pillars with FANO MINI in cubic design matches the lounge area with the black grand piano. The highlight is our lighting management system LiveLink Premium: assortments and scenes can be individually illuminated and coordinated perfectly as regards brightness and mood between the  event gallery and the sales floor.

Unique combination of museum and supermarket: on the wall the architects from Kinzel Architecture positioned an old ship's propeller and our lighting designers illuminate it in an excellent manner with FANO MINI. With the help of the glass floor and its embedded casting moulds, customers can experience history to walk over. The energy efficient FACIELLA spotlights yield the best appearance. Also adjacent rooms such as the two glazed, walk-in  cold stores were equipped with luminaires from Oktalite and Trilux.

Store concept: www.kinzel-architecture.de, Schermbeck

3 questions to … REWE managing director Sasa Surdanovic

How would you describe the special features of your REWE supermarket?
It is a SUPERmarket of the new generation: with architecture, shop design and lighting design we create a link with the past and at the same time make REWE a charismatic place for outings. It's new because here the topics of shopping, industrial culture and event merge.

For the illumination of the goods, what do you attach most importance to?
We want to present our products in the best possible light. Against the deliberately dark ambiance the lighting concept sets well dosed accents and draws the customers into the area. The fresh food areas and our assortment are meant to attract people just as much as the lounge area. We sell food, but we only show it in a completely surprising light and look.

Have you a favourite area?
The openness in general, the linking of the Zeise history with modern shopping, is simply superb in the hall. With elements such as the old steel girders, the glassboard, the illuminated ship's propeller in the middle of the store or the illuminated glass floor with embedded casting moulds, we have brought a bit of the location's past into Ottensen's present.

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The relaunch perfects the proven GRADO by means of a smaller and lighter design. GRADO is characterized by the precise large-area wall illumination for graphics, displays or visuals and the systematic illumination of assortment-containing aisles and goods, e.g. on back walls. At the same time, the specially developed rectangular reflector supplies homogeneous or, thanks to a satin-finished pane of glass, also soft light distribution at the edges.

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Highlighting objects, surfaces and buildings – with Faciella LED the path to perfect light was never as simple. Completely different lighting tasks can be solved with a uniform design. The high-performance and energy-efficient projector is available in several construction sizes and with various luminous flux packages and beam angles for flexible use. The manually adjustable inclination angle simplifies precise targeting of the projector.

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„Special Mention“ in the categories „Excellent Brands - Corporate Brand of the Year“ and Excellent Brands - Building & Elements“