Thoiry, France


Lighting islands in the shopping paradise with a French touch

The best of two worlds: with the oldest Migros store in France the management relies on a new specialist shop feeling in the crossover of products and on a new way of designing the atmosphere in the branch.

Thoiry, France




6200 m²


„We want to establish the Migros philosophy in France, but at the same time foster our cultural characteristics.”

Karim Haahtio, project manager, Migros France

The project manager of Migros France responsible for this project attaches importance to his company appealing with its presentation and its range equally to the customers from nearby Switzerland and to those from France. A complex lighting concept was required.

The lighting designers implemented the modernization project with a composition of various luminaire types, in each case finely adjusted, as regards colour temperature or special lighting, to the respective product group and the presentation needs. Hence, for example, black GRADO spotlights give the wall-mounted graphics contours, but with 3000 kelvins provide the in-store bakery with the best lighting and ambiance.

The illumination of fresh food areas fruit, fish as well as meat and sausage is handled by CANILO PLUS and, with the appropriate special modules, the appetite for more is stimulated.

“To illuminate 6200 square metres and a surface up to six metres high in such a way that every area of the lighting design attracts attention, without pushing other areas back, that was a central challenge.”

Key Account Manager Florian Martin from Oktalite

The suspended luminaire LORETO lends additional flair to the new lighting landscape at Migros Thoiry. In total, the energy consumption for the lighting is 10.04 W/m². Customers such as also the Migros management in France are highly satisfied with the result. “Yes, we are Oktalite fans!”

Store concept: www.onebuyone.fr  Paris

Scene-setting in the assortment aisles and also exclusive areas such as confectionery and chocolate – probably the most striking mark of Swiss pleasure culture – is looked after by MIDO, the LED power package with its high-quality, indirect lighting direction, as well as by wide-beam LIGHTPANELS.

Products used


LORETO combines performance with large-area, visible light and in that way is ideally qualified for representative areas such as malls or entrance areas. Three different diameters, two different light colours and three pendant lengths leave a lot of leeway for supporting the architecture. At the same time, LORETO is, with its up to 10,000 lm a real power package.

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CANILO Plus is the power package of the Canilo luminaire family. With up to 7,000 lumens it can be used wherever a high output is required – in rooms with high ceilings, for example, or where marked accents and a dramatic interplay of light and shadows are required.

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The relaunch perfects the proven GRADO by means of a smaller and lighter design. GRADO is characterized by the precise large-area wall illumination for graphics, displays or visuals and the systematic illumination of assortment-containing aisles and goods, e.g. on back walls. At the same time, the specially developed rectangular reflector supplies homogeneous or, thanks to a satin-finished pane of glass, also soft light distribution at the edges.

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