Klaas und Kock

Rheine, Germany


Flagship store with aisle zone lighting showing the way

In Rheine in Westphalia, the food supermarket Klaas und Kock (K+K) covering an area of 2400 square metres opened in March 2016 as a new flagship store. In lighting design and products used, Oktalite took care of, besides the ambiance, also the economic efficiency and arrives at  an efficiency of 11.3 watts per square metre.  

Rheine, Germany




2480 m²


Here it was necessary to achieve a trendsetting and bright presentation of the brand Klaas & Kock. Oktalite succeeded in this throughout the whole market with the use of LED equipment.

"To intensify the emotionalisation, accentuated lighting plays a great part."

Peter Prisching, Consulting Director Food Retail at Umdasch Shopfitting


The wine department at Klaas & Kock sets itself apart by means of its circular basic shape with its own floor covering with a wooden look and accentuated lighting of the remaining supermarket area.  

Illumination of the goods in the aisle areas is handled by the aisle area spotlight MIDO. Instead of a linear lightstrip individual luminaires, with a design-characterising heat sink, generate a lively lighting landscape.

Products used


The relaunch perfects the proven GRADO by means of a smaller and lighter design. GRADO is characterized by the precise large-area wall illumination for graphics, displays or visuals and the systematic illumination of assortment-containing aisles and goods, e.g. on back walls. At the same time, the specially developed rectangular reflector supplies homogeneous or, thanks to a satin-finished pane of glass, also soft light distribution at the edges.

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