Edeka Rothe

Zeitz, Allemagne

EDEKA Rothe: time for relaxed shopping

Local supply in new light: in the EDEKA supermarket every area got "its" own light colour, partly dynamically controllable by LIVELINK. From the fresh food counter to cosmetics. Every range is illuminated individually and authentically.


Zeitz, Germany




1690 m²


In the cosmetic area, things get colourful! Here, LORETO puts variety and colour into the life of the shelves. The luminaires can be managed individually with LIVELINK; the colour changer upgrades the beauty area and attracts the audience from far off. Optimally suited to effectively supporting campaigns and events all around the beauty domain – that is how sales promotion is done today.

High performance for large areas: our large-format suspended luminaire LORETO is the classic eye-catcher and, with its 3000 kelvins is a consistent source of light with a feel-good effect in the entrance area. The fruit and vegetables area, with the spotlights B.LEE and FANO has a fresh and inviting effect; equipped with the Best Colour LED module, a particularly appetising and authentic look is obtained.  

The old well shaft came to light during construction work in Schützenstraße. A piece of urban history from Zeitz that they wanted to preserve and to showcase. With a glass cover and good lighting, customers now gaze into the depths – and trace a touch of the history of their home town in Saxony-Anhalt and the district of Burgenlandkreis. An equally unusual and spectacular experience in a supermarket.    

Fast shopping was yesterday: where shopping is enjoyable, we like to stay longer. Our flexible LIMBA combines the traditional and the modern and imparts to the café area a cosy atmosphere and aesthetics. Here it was used as a filament lamp in the electric bulb look, while the nostalgic luminaire at the baked goods and pastries counter scores points with its modern LED equipment and whets your appetite for sweet and crispy pastries and biscuits.

Just one other special feature of the supermarket in Zeitz: the integrated  post office shop. It requires completely different lighting for personnel and customers. The Trilux luminaires ARIMO S and CORIFLEX ensure excellent useful light with 3000 kelvins and good visual comfort . As a full-service  supplier for the retail area, we are also equipped for special areas and supply luminaires fitting seamlessly into the overall concept of a store. 

Products used


LIMBA – Suspended luminaire for professional accentuated lighting in vintage design. The lampshade made of aluminium is as standard coloured on the outside and white on the inside and a textile cable undescores the high-quality appearance. In that way LIMBA becomes a decorative eyecatcher. Individual colour combinations are possible on request.

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LORETO combines performance with large-area, visible light and in that way is ideally qualified for representative areas such as malls or entrance areas. Three different diameters, two different light colours and three pendant lengths leave a lot of leeway for supporting the architecture. At the same time, LORETO is, with its up to 10,000 lm a real power package.

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Arimo Slim LED is an extensive and flexible luminaire range enabling almost the complete spectrum of lighting tasks in offices to be carried out with a uniform design – and with two different optics: CDP (planar light) and MRX (micro-reflector). The luminaires emit extremely efficient, glare-free light, simultaneously set attractive accents and offer innovative features.

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The market wants custom-designed light for different application areas. The Coriflex LED family makes this possible with flexible luminaire modules, corner connectors, sensor versions, tracks for spots and glare-free elements with direct/indirect or purely direct light. This also means they luminaire is suitable for the standard-compliant lighting of offices and educational facilities.

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