Mönchengladbach, Germany

Mönchengladbach, Germany




225 m²



Brilliant colours, strong accents, inviting atmosphere – the fashion market makes high demands on lighting

For example also in the new Walbusch store concept. In 2015 a branch of the family-owned company opened in the “Minto“ in Mönchengladbach. A passion for fashion here meets a passion for lighting. Since Oktalite was commissioned with the elaboration of the lighting concept. With wooden floorboards in a terrace look, furniture, which makes the store appear lived in, and an entrance area resembling a balcony door, the store creates the impression of a feel-good holiday home. Oktalite absorbed this atmosphere and created a lighting design that conveys freshness and authenticity. In order to have the goods appear in the best possible light, the lighting experts decided in favour of the LED module Best Colour with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 98.


Inserted in the elegant spotlight TARO, this module generates a perfect colour result. For example, all of the colours, including white, shine out true to reality – no more surprises at home or in daylight. Conclusion: a wise lighting concept coupled with ultramodern LED technology and clever luminaire design ensures a sales-promoting atmosphere. In that way the passion for lighting and for fashion unite with customer-orientation. Photos: Christoph Meinschäfer


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TARO offers great flexibility: the freely movable luminaire head swivels by up to 80° while realising an exceptionally effective light incidence. Thanks to its compact installation depth, this spotlight requires little space for ceiling installation. It thus combines the advantages of a recessed solution with the features of a surface-mounted directional spot.

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