Decathlon City

Paris, France


Everything for sports

Behind the beautiful art nouveau façade the sports specialist Decathlon lives in its world in the urban environment, trekking, running, cycling and more: on two floors, the presentation, product variety and services make the customers enthusiastic. The dynamic lighting scenes with their accentuation create an attractive sales atmosphere.

Paris, France




800 m²


Close to people, even closer to the product – as an example, the bicycle repair bench where tools and specialist personnel are available. With these services the city store becomes the open sports style workshop in which cycling fans buy spare parts and immediately make their bikes fit again. In that way brick-and-mortar retailing is strengthened and, with this service, purchasers are turned into regular customers.

Systematic lighting management of floor recessed spotlights in the "swimming tunnel”. As the customers pass through, the luminaires are successively activated, leading them to the next area. GRADO ensures dynamic wall lighting and accentuates special products.

"The lighting concept plays with light and shade. It is the scene setting that makes the product worlds lively.”

Hugo Parienté, Key Account Manager, Oktalite France.

The black ceiling, black wall background with white frame, dark floor: a special stage is provided for the colourful range. Designed to match this is the lighting concept. For the homogeneous wall illumination up as far as the lower edge of the ceiling, the professional TWINGLE WALL enters the arena. With B.VEO TRACK, the accentuation of sportswear and equipment gains in emotion.

From the scene setting of the façade in the typical Haussmann style, via the ambient and accentuated lighting in the store as far as the wayfinding system: the lighting sublimates, orientates and runs in parallel. Hence the decorative suspended luminaires IN.VOLA invite you to take the generously dimensioned stairs in order to discover new things.

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With B.VEO TRACK the product family is complete. What is special about this single spotlight variant is its extremely narrow housing that visually almost fuses with the power track. In that way a very uncluttered pattern of the ceiling lighting is obtained. This becomes possible through the integration of the driver into the adapter.

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The relaunch perfects the proven GRADO by means of a smaller and lighter design. GRADO is characterized by the precise large-area wall illumination for graphics, displays or visuals and the systematic illumination of assortment-containing aisles and goods, e.g. on back walls. At the same time, the specially developed rectangular reflector supplies homogeneous or, thanks to a satin-finished pane of glass, also soft light distribution at the edges.

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The decorative suspended luminaire IN.VOLA attracts attention to itself already from far off and supports high-quality shop design. Two glass shade shapes, a spherical and a conical segment, can be chosen from. Besides the decorative lighting effect, an optical light directing system is selectable for systematic product illumination.

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