Natural Quality Lighting for Nature Fans

Launch of lighting over a 7000 m² experience area with climbing tunnel, aquarium and large water action area including a 4.30-metre deep diving pool: after Hamburg, the Cologne branch of the outdoor specialist Globetrotter relies on the best lighting with the extra naturalness and liveliness. The offline value added of lighting quality can be felt in every area.

Cologne, Germany




7000 m²


From top to bottom, a feast for the senses. Since 2006, the trend setter has been thrilling people with nature topics together with spectacular event architecture. Now the product worlds have been enhanced once more as regards atmosphere and authenticity. Next level lighting thanks to 3300 CANILO spotlight: for the first time our new natural light colour Brilliant Colour emphasizes the goods in a premium store – annoying things such as air ducts become unobtrusive.

“We came to Cologne deliberately because we had heard that Globetrotter here had the best selection of backpacks for our 365-day honeymoon in the USA. We found them immediately, they all already looked great from far off.”

Eva Maria and Michael Schuh, customers

So lovely and colourful here: this back wall is a customer magnet. The colours and product features of the back packs are particularly easily recognizable. The new lighting supports the visual merchandising; the reduction to one spotlight puts the focus 100 percent on the goods and floor area. Freshness, clarity, naturalness: the lighting creates even more appetite for the outdoors.


Our natural quality lighting at Globetrotter – experience it virtually

Clever and attractive guiding by a customized ceiling lighting solution throughout the building – example lifts and elevators: previously they could hardly be found. Now, here too, CANILO ensures good orientation as everywhere – thanks to the spotlight installation by means of extension rods in each case between two ventilation ducts. So, even this once neglected area looks exciting. A further example of how POS-orientated lighting design can be implemented successfully and surprisingly. And of the fact that every millimetre of the floor gains from the best lighting.

Lighting design: www.vedderlicht.com, Munich

With the changeover from HIT to LED there are no longer any dark spots on the sales floor. Instead the new lighting guides, accentuates and accompanies the customers reliably. The top lighting comes close to daylight and makes the POS appear more alive. Experiencing nature close up indoors: the brand promise and Globetrotter’s claim are now also being fulfilled in the lighting.

3 questions for Oliver Hansen, branch manager at Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH

What effect does the new lighting have on customer behaviour?
“The light has a more natural effect. That’s what we and our customers want: genuine, authentic light. We sell outdoor and nature products – that is why we are to a special degree interested in the sensation of natural light. The customers feel better and spend more time here than before. And: our POS is spare time for them.

What is remarkable about the goods presentation due to the new natural light colour?
“The colours are much clearer and can be recognized more easily. Before it was difficult to distinguish grey from black and from dark blue – in the new lighting that is no longer an issue. It illuminates the goods optimally and in a differentiated manner.”

Besides the improvement of the lighting quality, the lighting update cuts costs – how much approximately?
Since the changeover, Globetrotter Hamburg and Cologne have been saving about 25 percent due to the energy efficiency of the LED technology. However, we also see that our customers move towards the areas in a more concentrated manner and quicker. The light leads them more effectively to the goods – that is also a factor that can have a positive effect on sales.”

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