Schuh Schmid

Augsburg, Germany


Lighting for shoes, fashion, sports over 9000 square metres

In Augsburg it was necessary to completely re-illuminate more than 9000 square metres of sales floor area on six floors.

This job is now being handled by B.LEE and QUIRA with the  LED module Efficient Colour and an outstanding efficiency  of 16.07 W/m².

Individual large-size suspended luminaires  LORETO support client guidance with their visible light.

And that was successfully done:  the high-quality products  of well-known brands are stylishly presented and they attract customers into the former Galeria Kaufhof branch.

In total, the company Schuh Schmid together with Oktalite decided in favour of a power-track solution for the open ceiling design.

The aim was to implement accentuated and theatrical  lighting  in the 19th century building.

Products used


The spotlight that sets new standards: B.LEE is not only flexible, but also extremely powerful and versatile. Whether restrained or front and centre: optimum cooling management defines the design, and the optional decorative rings, make B.LEE a special eyecatcher.

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„Special Mention“ in the categories „Excellent Brands - Corporate Brand of the Year“ and Excellent Brands - Building & Elements“