Freiburg, Germany


Customised modifications meet high energy saving

Kaiser Mode in Freiburg, one of the most important medium-sized fashion houses in Germany, has two stores for men's fashion in Freiburg: the main store with business, sportswear and designer fasion and the fashion trend store "Kaiser S1".

Freiburg, Germany




1300 m²


In 2017 the fashion company changed its lighting system in the men's fashion stores from HIT technology to LEDs. At the same time the existing ceiling cutouts were to continue to be used unchanged.

"It was difficult to find a partner who was able to take up this challenge. Oktalite offered to produce luminaires for our needs!"

Frank Motz, Managing Director

"After the changeover to LEDs, we achieved an energy saving of approximately 43 percent as well as a considerably improved indoor climate!“

Frank Motz, Managing Director

The choice fell on the modular system SISTEMA that was adapted  to the existing ceiling cutouts specially for the customer.

The luminaire modules are equipped with 3000 lumens and generate a clean, elegant atnosphere. The LED module "Efficient Colour" ensures excellent colour rendition.

The lighting system of the men's fashion store impressively sets the scenes for the independent fashion realms on all floors.

Products used


It is a small structure with maximum flexibility. That characterises AGIRA since the spotlight can be swivelled round one axis and additionally can be rotated through 355 degrees and hence combined the advantages of a gimbal-mounted luminaire with those of a classic recessed spotlight. In that way the light purposefully reaches the goods and sets accents there. Optionally fitted with the ACTIVE LED module. This makes the precise adjustment of the light possible as regards intensity and colour temperature.

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