Kaiser S1

Freiburg, Germany


Accentuated lighting meets high energy saving

Kaiser Mode in Freiburg, one of the most important medium-sized fashion houses in Germany, has two stores for men's fashion in Freiburg: the main store with business, sportswear and designer fashion and the fashion-trend store "Kaiser S1".

Freiburg, Germany




1300 m²


Im Jahr 2017 stellte das Modeunternehmen seine Beleuchtung auch in seinem Fashion-Trend-Haus "Kaiser S1" von HIT-Technik auf LED um. Auf 900 Quadratmetern bietet "Kaiser S1" sportliche Bekleidung für Herren an.

Im „Kaiser S1“ stand eine akzentuierende Beleuchtung im Vordergrund, um die hochwertige Ware spannend zu inszenieren.

Für die akzentuierte Lichtwirkung setzten die Lichtexperten zusätzlich zu SISTEMA den Einbaurichtstrahler AGIRA als Spezialanfertigung ein. Das System wurde für den Kunden an die vorhandenen Deckenausschnitte angepasst.

"The customers would like to be surprised. We have to offer them something they cannot find elsewhere“

Hans-Peter Böker, Managing Director

And that has been successfully done: in the range trend labels such as Tiger of Sweden, Drykorn or Superdry for fashion-oriented men are skilfully staged.

The luminaire modules are equipped with 3000 lumens and generate a clean, elegant atnosphere. The LED module "Efficient Colour" ensures excellent colour rendition.

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It is a small structure with maximum flexibility. That characterises AGIRA since the spotlight can be swivelled round one axis and additionally can be rotated through 355 degrees and hence combined the advantages of a gimbal-mounted luminaire with those of a classic recessed spotlight. In that way the light purposefully reaches the goods and sets accents there. Optionally fitted with the ACTIVE LED module. This makes the precise adjustment of the light possible as regards intensity and colour temperature.

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