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Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany




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Breiter Hut & Mode

Europe’s biggest hat company, Breiter Hut & Mode, is now relying on LED technology in its branch in Zweibrückenstrasse in Munich. The company is now already producing high-quality handmade hats in the fifth generation. Oktalite’s lighting concept convinced the hat maker rich in tradition above all as regards true colour. As headgear is merchandise that is particularly difficult to illuminate due to the dark colours, the accuracy of colour rendition counts especially in the case of various grey nuances. In this case the LED Best Colour module with its colour rendering index of more than 90 left an impression.


Practical: the installers simply set the recessed spotlight QUIRA PLUS into the existing ceiling openings. Since with its different adjusting rings with their respectively different diameters the LED luminaire presents itself for various ceiling cut-outs. And so the modernisation of the lighting system over an area of 232 square metres was achieved within a very short time. Also as regards energy efficiency Oktalite was able to satisfy the customer’s wishes: whilst the old lighting design had a system performance of 13.3 watts per square metre, the new system with 6.1 watts achieves an extremely low value. Photos: Christoph Meinschäfer


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Lighting modernisation made easy with QUIRA PLUS: three ceiling opening dimensions – one spotlight! At the same time lighting comfort and level of performance for the recessed spotlight are to be taken for granted. QUIRA PLUS can be swivelled in to accentuate the merchandise in the sales room and at the same time it remains flush with the ceiling. And swivelled out, QUIRA PLUS reaches every high-level decoration with pinpoint accuracy.

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