Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco




3200 m²



Timeless Elegance and High Efficiency in the Premium Supermarket

Oktalite set the scene over 3,200 square metres of sales floor in the Carrefour Gourmet Supermarket in Rabat with, besides E-LINE, CARDAN SOLO and QUIRA PLUS, also LOBU spotlights. With large lumen packages, brightness and accentuated worlds of goods, the lighting designers in this way created a unique atmosphere in which traditional Moroccan motifs and patterns are interpreted in a modern manner.

Behind the timeless elegance of the design are highly efficient LED modules and reflectors of the latest generation. They produce the perfect lighting for the high-quality food. And they do that with only 13.2 watts per square metre. The customer was also convinced by the preassembled luminaires that made mounting on the spot seem like child’s play. Photos: Interstore/Daniel Horn

Products used


LOBU brings reduced luminaire design in a small structural shape with powerful lighting characteristics onto the sales floor. The best possible light distribution in every tilted position systematically sets the scene for the goods. Colour combination possibilities for the housing and the reflector ring provide design freedom for more individuality.

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Lighting modernisation made easy with QUIRA PLUS: three ceiling opening dimensions – one spotlight! At the same time lighting comfort and level of performance for the recessed spotlight are to be taken for granted. QUIRA PLUS can be swivelled in to accentuate the merchandise in the sales room and at the same time it remains flush with the ceiling. And swivelled out, QUIRA PLUS reaches every high-level decoration with pinpoint accuracy.

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With E-LINE NEXT LED, sustainable lighting in the retail trade becomes child’s play: the new generation of our proven strip lighting systems is HCL capable and provides complete solutions. Whether assortment aisle, check-out area or gondola head – E-LINE NEXT LED redefines, thanks to its modular equipment system with special optical systems and spotlights and a colour rendering index of CRI > 90, flexibility, light quality and modernization.

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