Lengermann & Trieschmann

Osnabrück, Germany


L&T Sporthaus: action & range in a new dimension

The sports store Lengermann & Trieschmann,  L&T for short, is one of the most beautiful and best known stores in North Germany. In March 2018 the dynamic megastore opened the probably most innovative sports store in Europe.

Osnabrück, Germany




5000 m²


With the "Hase" wave, named after the tributary of the River Ems near Osnabrück, in the action area a genuine surfing attraction has arisen. According to the motto: "You willl get your wave" customers can surf or train here for an hour according to personal choice and degree of difficulty.  The surfing wave pool in the middle of an open fashion and sports landscape can be experienced from every floor level.

CANILO is the first choice for Lengermann & Trieschmann for the complete illumination of the 3rd floor. Since it is an outstanding match for rooms with high ceilings and for industrial design, in which the outdoor fashion is presented here. The track-capable, elegant surface-mounted directional spotlights CANILO and CANILO PLUS are also in use on every gallery and in the shop window. Plus point: the integrated lighting control system permits emotional scene setting at the push of a button.

"The hexagonal gallery above the surf spot twists within the levels – the installation of a coherent power track structure was ambitious."


Routes through and peripheral areas of the "City Gym" fitness club were likewise equipped, as regards the lighting equipment, with the allrounder CANILO PLUS. Up to 6000 lumens strong, the power luminaire yields a maximum of lighting effect and glare-free illumination of areas and fashion all around the field of sports. All the spotlights are dimmable and, thanks to their special LED chips, show particularly good colour rendition. Surfaces and materials produce an authentic and cool effect.

Architecture: www.moths-architekten.de, Hamburg
Lighting Design: www.vedderlicht.com, Munich 
Photos: www.joachimgrothus.de, Herford

Products used


CANILO is characterised by classic, elegant design and provides a special element for supporting the customer’s CI: the lateral bracket can be adapted colour-wise to customise it. The set-back reflector with integrated anti-glare ring provides a high degree of visual comfort. At the same time the surface-mounted spotlight stands for high performance and efficiency.

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CANILO Plus is the power package of the Canilo luminaire family. With up to 6,000 lumens it can be used wherever a high output is required – in rooms with high ceilings, for example, or where marked accents and a dramatic interplay of light and shadows are required.

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