Josef Hedegger - Cabinet

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt am Main, Germany




230 m²




Timeless elegance in a cosy atmosphere – that is how the company J. Hedegger e. K. presents the sliding door built-in cupboard system of the trademark CABINET in its store in Frankfurt am Main. In the old building with high ceilings and large windows with semi-circular arches the customer immediately feels good. This is also ensured by means of the choice decoration with the freestanding, round bath, top-quality garments and jewellery. In this way the actual products, the cupboard systems, fit into a consistent presentation concept. The pleasant atmosphere is underscored by a matching lighting concept.


For the sales area Oktalite used the recessed directional spotlight SISTEMA that steeps the decoration in softly flowing, warm white light. Individual spotlights provide accents and guide the customers‘ gaze. Also in the shop window an accentuated lighting concept with the surface-mounted directional spotlight FANO attracts the customers and radiates elegance and class. The long-life LED luminaires lower the energy level in comparison with the previous, conventional lighting system and at the same time guarantee the best colour rendition. Photos: Christoph Meinschäfer


Products used


Relaunch of the classic. FANO’s distinctive feature is its cubic design. Now the luminaire is almost closed at the rear end since the cooling fins are concealed. At the same time FANO with up to 5000 lm provides high power in all white light colour temperatures and authentic colour rendition with special light colours.

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SISTEMA - the modular recessed luminaire system with rectangular design features tool-free installation from frame to illumination module. Whether as a gimballed recessed spot or surface-mounted directional spot - it can be combined in your shop an innume

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