30. mai 2018 | Projets

Store of the Year 2018 - two markets awarded

Responsible treatment of our Earth and nature is reflected in the design and use of our technical lighting equipment including HCL lighting. The positive effects can also be observed daily in the IKEA “pilot house” in Kaarst: the customers simply like to stay longer. For the feel-good concept IKEA was awarded by the German Retail Association (HDE). The redesigned fashion store “GL - Die Mode” with its unusual lighting concept was also convincing all along the line and therefore received this special award.

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13. février 2019

Stores of the Year 2019: REWE Surdanovic

Rewe Surdanovic – Magasin de l’année 2019 et bonne adresse pour sortir

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13. février 2019

Stores of the Year 2019: Lengermann & Trieschmann

Le magasin de sport le plus innovant d’Europe, L&T, élu Magasin de l’année 2019

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11. décembre 2018

GRADO TWIN récompensé par les ICONIC AWARDS 2019

L’objectif des ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior est de découvrir et de récom-penser ce qui se fait de mieux dans tous les domaines de l’architecture...

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26. avril 2018

Oktalite nommée « Top Supplier Retail 2018 »

Toom Baumarkt a reçu le prix EHI-Energiemanagement Award (EMA) pour son concept d'éclairage innovant et économe en ressources.

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06. avril 2018

EuroShop Retail Design Award 2018

Every year EHI praises the EuroShop Retail Design Award. For this year's award, 85 proposals from 27 countries were submitted. 35 projects reached the...

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23. janvier 2018

Store Book 2018

The “Store Book 2018“ published by the Deutscher Ladenbauverband (German Shop Fitting Association) (dlv – Netzwerk Ladenbau e.V.), shows 44 selected...

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