Atmospheric decor and targeted, high-performance scene setting for goods



LESIMA with twice the power! Even from a distance, it's impossible to overlook LESIMA's individual design and decorative accents. The luminaire shade are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and provide in-room orientation through their specific decorative elements and translucent light patterns. In addition to an appearance that sets just the right mood, LESIMA highlights merchandise in a targeted, powerful manner.

LESIMA 350 in use

The suspended luminaire with the particular flair: LESIMA attracts customer’s gazes with its unique appearance. At the same time the  customer becomes the designer: whether cylindrical or conical, large or small, wood, stainless steel or fabric – the design can be adjusted on a customised basis to the respective shop concept.

Within a chosen size the lampshades can be interchanges without the use of tools –  depending on the season, the collection or the decoration. For example, a cylinder white fabric lampshade can become a conical lampshade made of wood. What in this case always remains the same: the high­quality LED technology that is available in all white light and food light colour temperatures – perfect product presentation!



Numerous decors and materials are available

The shades can be interchanged without the use of tools

Six white light colours and three special light colours for the fresh food area can be chosen from

Five beam angles for optimum goods illumination

Simple attachment to various ceiling situations 

Technical Specifications & Downloads

Application areas Decorative lighting
Lumen category 1500 lm - 4000 lm
Light colour 2700 K, 3000 K, 3100 K Best Colour, 3100 K Efficient Colour, 3500 K, 4000 K , B+V+C, M, M+F
Type of reflector Aluminium, anodised
Segmented, MIRO-SILVER®
Supply unit Driver
Material Die-cast aluminium
Luminaire colour RAL 9005 jet black
RAL 9016 traffic white

Technische Zeichnung_EN




Energy efficiency

LESIMA 350 has been changed over to the latest LED generation and has an efficiency of 147 lumens per watt.

* The comparative values are based on the uniform basis: colour temperature 4000 K and lumen class 4000 lm.

The Lesima product family


Suspended luminaires

Shade shape conical and cylindrical

Upper shade diameter 200 mm

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Suspended luminaires

Shade shape conical

Upper shade diameter 350 mm

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