LED-UP – more light, lower energy consumption

Remarkable efficiency increases by up to 25 % thanks to new LED generation

More light with the same wattage and hence increased efficiency makes our products even more  powerful. The luminaires marked with “UP“ have already been changed over to the latest LED generation, so that you can profit from the markedly increased efficiency. Our innovations in the portfolio are, it goes without saying, directly equipped with the latest technology.

The changeover refers to

  • all white light colours
  • all special light colours for the fresh food area
  • switchable luminaires and dimmable luminaires

What factors make our luminaires so efficient?

LED-UP is the result of the interplay of powerful LED modules, sophisticated thermal management, highly reflective reflectors as well as reliable supply units. All of the components are subject to constant checking and renewal so that you are provided with the best and most efficient lighting.

The decisive advantages at a glance:


Lighting modernisation made easy with QUIRA PLUS: three ceiling opening dimensions – one spotlight! At the same time lighting comfort and level of performance for the recessed spotlight are to be taken for granted.



AGIRA It is a small structure with maximum flexibility. That characterises AGIRA since the spotlight can be swivelled round one axis and additionally can be rotated through 355 degrees.



LOBU The Spotlight brings reduced luminaire design in a small structural shape with powerful lighting characteristics onto the sales floor.



LIMBA is, as an innovation in our portfolio, equipped with the latest LED generation and provides an efficiency of up to 147 lm/W.



CANILO Plus is the power package of the Canilo luminaire family. With up to 6,000 lumens it can be used wherever a high output is required.



IN.VOLA The decorative suspended luminaire IN.VOLA attracts attention to itself already from far off and supports high-quality shop design.



GRADO The relaunch perfects the proven GRADO by means of a smaller and lighter design. GRADO is characterized by the precise large-area wall illumination for graphics and the systematic illumination of assortment-containing aisles.



SISTEMA - the modular recessed luminaire system with rectangular design features tool-free installation from frame to illumination module.



* The comparative values are based on the uniform basis: colour temperature 4000 K and lumen class 4000 lm.
** The comparative values are based on the uniform basis: colour temperature 4000 K and lumen class 2500 lm.



Our competent team of lighting experts would be pleased to advise you on your project and to support you with planning and implementation. Learn by what percentage you can cut your lighting costs, which luminaire perfectly matches your requirements and why Oktalite is your optimum partner for professional shop lighting. Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.