The festival of light and love between Lapland and South Africa.

Christmas – who does not look forward to a contemplative, festive atmosphere and time with the family and friends? In Lapland where Father Christmas (Santa Claus) lives, the inhabitants can look forward to wintery snow-covered landscape and reindeer. The Scandinavians celebrate the festival of love in a very traditional way. Light plays a great part in it: everywhere advent candles and stars shine in the windows. As a prelude to Christmas in Sweden the Lucia festival is celebrated that honours the queen of lights on 13 December. Before the Gregorian calendar reform this day was shortest day in the year – at that time it represented the winter solstice. With the festival and the customs associated with it joy and brightness is brought to the dark days of the outgoing year.
The Swiss also maintain their advent traditions. They decorate Christmas markets, houses and shops in a festive manner and with illuminations. On 6 December, the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, “Samichlaus” brings the children sweets and other small presents. A quite special St. Nicholas custom is practised in Küssnacht am Rigi: “Klausjagen (Claus hunting)”. In earlier times the young lads went through the town or village and begged food and alcoholic drinks from the inhabitants. Today upon a signal the lights go out everywhere in Küssnacht and a procession sets off. During this the “Samichlaus“ together with his helpers distributes nuts, fruit and donuts to the spectators.
While North Europeans and people in Central Europe associate Christmas with snow, fogged-up window panes and homely fireside warmth, South Africans often spend the public holidays on the beach. Buses then take thousands of perspiring, merry families to the sea until you can hardly see the bright sand any longer. But despite the weather for bathing – they do not entirely do without a Christmas ambiance. Hence, for example, also at the Cape the windows are embellished with glittering materials, wool and gold foil.

Oktalite expands into Sweden.

Since November 2014 Christian Fernström has been looking after the Swedish market from the Oktalite branch establishment in Stockholm. The experienced lighting expert, with his many years of sector affiliation, provides professional advice for customers and ensures the competent implementation of projects throughout Sweden. Oktalite Lichttechnik GmbH, Strandvägen 7, S - 746 31 Bålsta, T +46 734 100 534,

With controllable LEDs absolutely in line with the trend.


LED luminaires are not only modern and highly efficient but can, for example, by means of the DALI control system also produce impressive lighting effects. In that way, for example, the light can be systematically changed by a motion detector or in synchronisation with the time of day. Moreover, fanciful plays of colours can be programmed and serve as a dynamic eye-catcher in the display window. Used in this way, the LED light already underlines the individuality of a store in the window and hence becomes a magnet for customers in the pedestrian area.
We will show you in quick motion what possibilities there can be. And which ideas may we implement in your shop?

The colour of emotion

Special effects catch attention and arouse emotions



Shop windows as exciting and variegated as a kaleidoscope! Whether coloured light or various white light colour temperatures – with controllable LEDs you program your own lighting dramaturgy. In that way your decoration, together with the lighting tells its very own story. Also the targeted illumination of the goods or of individual accessories in the colours of your corporate design makes it possible to go new ways in visual merchandising. Attract the customers’ gaze and arouse emotions!

Get the light moving!

Window shopping with a wow effect.



Your customers become the main actor and interact with your presentation of goods! In the case of the motion-dependent lighting control system the light literally changes as you pass by. Since your customers’ movements trigger a programmed lighting scenario in your shop window. Hence your display window becomes a quite special magnet for customers in the city centre. Stand out from the mass and attract customers into your store!

The lighting meets your needs – round the clock

Display window lighting in synchronisation with the time of day.


Determine the course of the day! With controllable LEDs – matching the time of day – various white light colour temperatures can be programmed. By analogy to the course of the sun, the colour temperature of warm white light in the morning slowly changes to neutral white at midday, to then gradually change to pleasant, warm white evening lighting. In that way the time of day-dependent lighting almost simulates the lighting conditions prevailing outdoors. Ideal for shopping centres and areas in which there is no daylight.

Light planning deluxe - increased automation for greater efficiency

Effective immediately, Oktalite customers can now obtain quotes for their light concepts even more rapidly. Before this tool was created, luminaires had to be defined and identified manually. The new tool – the plug-and-play INKAS AutoCAD Adapter – links light planning in AutoCAD with the SAP system to optimise the entire planning and quotation process. Oktalite developed the state-of-the-art program in cooperation with it motive AG. With its easy access to some 40 configurations and luminaire series, it enables direct detail planning with light performance, luminaire colour and many other parameters.
Additionally, planners can also execute a cost check at any point during the planning in AutoCAD. This enables them to keep track of the budget available for illumination more easily. A detailed customer quote is generated automatically once the data are transferred to SAP.

QUAD receives Red Dot Design Award

This year, the Red Dot Award for product design in the category "light and luminaires" goes to Oktalite for the QUAD spotlight / Innovative material enables innovative design and improved CO2 balance.
Innovativeness, functionality, environmental compatibility - these are just three of the criteria that the international jury of this prestigious design prize uses to select the winners. The QUAD LED spotlight from Oktalite meets these criteria in part thanks to its ceramic heat sink. This material achieves a CO2 balance up to fifty percent better than aluminium. At the same time, the ceramic conducts heat much more effectively than aluminium so that the heat generated by the LED can dissipate directly into the material, with no active cooling necessary. The ceramic material used is also slightly transparent, so that the heat sink itself becomes a design element. As the material has a low electrical conductivity, individual LED packages can be mounted directly on the heat sink. This enables an extremely flat format of just four centimeters. In all, the 15 LED packages as individual light points output a luminous flux of 3,600 lumens. Every light point feeds a collimator, which bundles the light to create a tight spot with no light scattering. Using lens disks that can be swapped out without the need for tools, beam angles such as spot or medium flood can be produced as needed.

LED technology in shoe retailing


The family-owned shoe retailer Schuhhaus am Bieltor in Solothurn, Switzerland, chose LED technology for its reopening in August 2013. 

The Swiss family enterprise Schuhhaus am Bieltor offers fine Italian and Spanish leather shoes in a store one hundred square meters in size housed in a landmark structure. Following renovations by the firm Architektur-Büro Unzen, the light planning in particular was confronted with special challenges. On account of the exceptionally low ceilings, luminaires were needed that radiate virtually no heat. The valuable leather shoes also had to be protected from UV and infrared radiation. Consequently, LED technology was chosen, which is considered particularly gentle on merchandise as it emits virtually no UV or IR radiation. With the Cardan Vario Compact recessed directional spot for the sales area and the Fano surface-mounting directional spot for the display window and POS area, Oktalite supplied two products that, at 3500 kelvins and 4000 lumens provide sufficient light while at the same time creating a pleasant shopping atmosphere. With a service life of 50,000 hours, these luminaires demonstrate exceptional sustainability.

Reebok store implements LED technology

Store opens in London with new lighting concept / excellent results with LED illumination convinces sporting-goods manufacturer 

Energy efficiency, rapid implementation and accurate realisation of market identity – these were the key objectives for the lighting concept of the new Reebok store in London's Covent Garden shopping district. Original plans called for the deployment of 70W halogen halide lamps. After consulting light specialist Oktalite, however, brand manufacturer Adidas, to which Reebok belongs, decided to go with a more efficient technology. Thus, the Cologne-based enterprise executed the project of illuminating 200 square meters of store space using LED luminaires. The Taro surface-mounting spotlight was ultimately selected, equipped with 3000 and 4000 lumen elements and a light colour of 3000 kelvin. Oktalite additionally met the customer's desire for specially adapted suspended luminaires: suspended closely together, they provide the new Reebok store with a very special eye-catcher.
The use of LED technology reduced energy consumption by 25 percent. In addition to the positive energy balance and the accentuated, atmospherically dense properties of the light, the sporting-goods manufacturer was also impressed by the short delivery time. Oktalite had only a very narrow time window from placement of the order to the store opening. Complete customer satisfaction was achieved through attainment of the third target: the Cologne-based experts implemented the 3D visualisation of the store that reflects Reebok's corporate identity virtually flawlessly.

Miro-Silver® LED reflectors

Oktalite's LED reflectors are made from the highly reflective material Miro-Silver®. Miro-Silver has an exceptional 98% reflectivity and is ranked in efficiency class A+. In designing the reflectors, Oktalite's developers opted to construct them out of segments of pre-anodized strip material. Advantages of this approach: It enables a precise calculation of the reflector geometry, enabling the reflector material to achieve maximum effectiveness – a large portion of directed reflection with a low diffusion portion and greatly reduced dazzling. Additionally, the reflective property of the material remains the same over the entire reflector surface. Thus, every point on the reflector can direct the light precisely where it's needed. The resulting defined light cone utilises the luminous flux of the LED effectively, generating high illuminances. As this design enables reflectors to be fabricated both rapidly and precisely, individual, ad-hoc customer requests can be fulfilled quickly and exactly. To enhance luminaire efficiency even further, Oktalite integrates these reflectors perfectly in your luminaires.


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